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WGSDCA Changes

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At the WGSDCA Special General Meeting June 9, 2019, the WGSDCA Executive Clubs carried the following Motions proposed by the WGSDCA Board of Management:

  1. Rescindment of the WGSDCA Membership Exclusivity and permission for WGSDCA licensed Judges to officiate at non-WGSDCA trial events hosted by other Australasian IGP organisations on the provision that such organisations send a WGSDCA Judge Release request to WGSDCA Secretariat ( The WGSDCA believes this will further promote the collaboration between the various IGP enthusiasts in Australia.

  2. Implementation of a new Dog Policy which specifies that only dogs trained in sleeve work as defined in the FCI Internationale Gebrauchshunde Prüfungsordning (valid 01/01/2019 ( are allowed to partake in the activities governed by the WGSDCA and its affiliated Clubs. If your dog is trained in any other kind of sleeve-work, then it is prohibited to partake in WGSDCA sanctioned events. The reason for this is due to a WGSDCA objective to be IGP sleeve work specific.

  3. Effective from January 1, 2021, only pedigree GSDs with normal HD/ED scores (as defined by the SV) and with prior IGP3 titles awarded at a WGSDCA trial are eligible to compete at the IGP3 level in WGSDCA National Championships. The reason for this is due to the fact that the WGSDCA National IGP3 Championship is the qualifying event for WUSV World Championship participation. It is hence imperative that the Australian qualifying event is in alignment with the WUSV World Championship participation pre-requisites: full pedigree, HD/ED and a qualifying score of a minimum of 250 with at least 80 in each of the 3 IGP3 disciplines.

The WGSDCA Board of Management is thankful for the support of its affiliated Executive Clubs and we believe this is a significant milestone. Our vision is to be a progressive German Shepherd Dog organisation in Australia who works in partnership with the international forum.

The carried motions mean that any GSD enthusiast in Australia can subscribe to WGSDCA membership regardless of any other affiliations they may or may not have to other dogsport organisations in Australia.

If you are a GSD enthusiast who wishes to get access to the WGSDCA trial events, then you must join a WGSDCA Club as well as subscribing to individual membership with WGSDCA Inc. To enter WGSDCA trials you have to apply for a sportspass as well as scorebook for your dog. Should your dog already have an IGP title (including BH) from another Australian IGP organisation, then the WGSDCA will accept this title on the provision that you repeat this level in a WGSDCA Club trial unless such title was awarded under an SV, FCI, WUSV or WGSDCA judge. Should this be the case – then you can enter the next level up. For further information please contact the WGSDCA Secretariat:

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