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The Puppy Temperament Test

Because It's Fun

The ZAP-W Title is now part of the WUSV Breed Eligibility Mandate. You may not be a breeder, but the Puppy Temperament test is still something fun and easy to do with a young German Shepherd. The only 'preparation' required is for you to bond with your dog, socialisation and further its desire to play with a toy and you.

The test is for dogs between 9-12months of age, although the WGSDCA may give dispensation for dogs outside this age bracket.  The test evaluates a young dog's response in various scenarios and if it is slightly faced by the situation,  how it works its way through the challenges and with your guidance. The dog is exposed to common scenarios experienced day-to-day: strangers, other dogs, noise, etc.

The ZAP-W Title

There are no points given and the test is a Faill/Pass. Only dogs who are extremely fearful or aggresive will receive a fail.

A certificate is provided to the successful dog and it summarises the responses observed during the test.


The title is part of the SV-ZuchtAnlagenPrüfung (SV-ZAP) Breed eligibility Scheme introduced by the SV around 2017 and thereafter around the world via the World Union for German Shepherd Dogs.

The title is part of the WUSV breeding eligibility criteria - but it is fun to do for both you and your dog, even if you have no plans of breeding your dog at a later date.

There are a total of 18 exercises which assert a dog's general disposition, social behaviour, noise reactivity, motoric skills, play drive and basic character towards st
rangers and other dogs.

More information is available here.

How To Enter A ZAP-W Test

The WGSDCA offers the title through its Club Affiliates.

They may host a  ZAP-W event or offer the level during a Club Trial. You can find this information on our Facebook page/events. You don't have to be a member of one of our Clubs, but you do need to subscribe to WGSDCA Social Membership. You can apply for such membership here.

Register your dog at an advertise
d ZAP-W event.

The SV- ZAP Scheme
This Scheme was introduced as an alternative to FCI's IGP Scheme.

It consists of two title modules: ZAP-W and ZAP-A. The latter consists of three disciplines: tracking, obedience and sleeve-work. Contrary to the FCI IGP Scheme, each discipline is a Pass/Fail assessment.

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