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The ZAP-W Puppy Test

The ZAP-W test is a temperament test for German Shepherd Dogs from age 9 to 12 months and is part of the SV-ZuchtAnlagenPrüfung (SV-ZAP) Scheme introduced by the Schaeferhunde Verein (SV). The SV-ZAP Scheme is part of the WUSV Breeding Program. The second part of the SV-ZAP Scheme, ZAP-A, is a 3-discipline PASS/FAIL title. The ZAP-A is very similar to the IGP-ZTP and IGP-1 (FCI Utility Dog Scheme) except for the entry eligibility criteria: ZAP-A entry requirements are a passed ZAP-W and AD endurance title. In the WUSV Breeding Program, the ZAP-A part may be replaced with IGP-ZTP or IGP-1.

What's involved in a ZAP-W Puppy Assessment?

There are a total of 18 exercises which assess:

  1. General Disposition

  2. Social Behaviour

  3. Sound Reactivity

  4. Motoric Skills

  5. Play & Prey Drive

  6. Basic Character

The various exercises are not performed in 'obedience mode' and commands are limited. The response/behaviour of the dog during the various exercises are noted in a standard assessment matrix. A dog will receive a Certificate if passing the assessment.

More information is available here.

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