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The ZAP-W Puppy Test

What is the ZAP-W test?

The ZAP-W test is a temperament test for German Shepherd Dogs  age 9 to 12 months. The title is part of the SV-ZuchtAnlagenPrüfung (SV-ZAP) Breed eligibility Scheme introduced by the SV and the WUSV (download the WUSV Breed Program HERE).


What's the difference between ZAP-W and ZAP-A titles?

Both titles are included in SV-ZAP Scheme. 


ZAP-W: The "puppy" temperament assessment undertaken at an age of 9-12 months (Pass/Fail)

ZAP-A: is a 3 discipline pass/fail working title: tracking, obedience and sleeve work. It is similar to the IGP-ZTP and IGP-1 titles governed under the FCI Rule book (HERE). A dog must have  a prior ZAP-W title as well as a IAD title (endurance title).


In the WUSV Breed Program, the ZAP-A part may be replaced with IGP-ZTP or IGP-1. In such case, the dog must have a prior BH-VT title.

WGSDCA Membership requirement

You must subscribe to WGSDCA Membership. If you are not a member in one of our affiliated Clubs (HERE), then apply for a Social Membership (HERE, AUD20.00 per year).


(FYI: A Social Membership also gives you access to the hip and elbow scoring in Germany. More information HERE)

Get in touch

Get in touch so we can schedule an assessment event that captures your puppy at the correct age.

How to enter a ZAP-W assessment trial

You can find WGSDCA Club Trials offering ZAP-W assessments via our WGSDCA Event Calendar (HERE) or on our WGSDCA Facebook/Event page.

You register by submission of an entry form (HERE)

What's involved in a Puppy Temperament Assessment?

There are a total of 18 exercises which assess:

General Disposition

Social Behaviour

Sound Reactivity

Motoric Skills

Play & Prey Drive

Basic Character


The various exercises are not performed in 'obedience mode' and commands are limited. The response/behaviour of the dog during the various exercises are noted in a standard assessment matrix. A Certificate will be issued if the dog passes the assessment.

More information is available HERE.

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