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Individual Membership

Whether your interest is breeding or training the German Shepherd Dog, or simply enjoying the company of people like you who love to spend time with their dogs, WGSDCA has something for you.
Full Membership
Annual Subscription Fee: Individual AUD55.00; Dual AUD100.00
To get full access to WGSDCA events, you must subscribe to Individual WGSDCA Membership AND be a member of one of our Club Affiliates. Contact our WGSDCA Secretary to find a Club near you.​
Social Membership
Annual Subscription Fee: AUD20.00
If you only have an interest in the ZAP-W "Puppy test" and/or accessing the WGSDCA-DZG HD/ED Portal Scheme, then a WGSDCA Social Membership subscription is what you are looking for. Simply fill out the form below to become a Social Member of the WGSDCA
Membership Renewal
Membership period: July 1st to June 30th.
Renewal deadline: July 30th.
Individual Membership is renewed via your WGSDCA Club. They will need you to return the WGSDCA Individual Membership form which you find HERE.
Social Membership is renewed via the Subscription Form provided below. 

Social Membersip
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