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Mission Statement

  • To promote the GSD as a working animal and be dedicated to the Sport of IGP.

  • To stress the importance of responsible dog ownership through training, education and hosting of seminars, workshops and trials.

  • To promote excellence in working trials and the ownership of temperamentally and physically sound GSDs by responsible members of WGSDCA.

  • To promote responsible dog ownership and encourage Member Clubs to put in place programs to that effect.

  • To promote the training and trialing of Dogsport (IGP) activities.

  • To promote the awareness, development and advancement of Dogsport (IGP) within the community.

  • To collect, verify and publish, or otherwise distribute, information pertaining to Dogsport (IGP) activities.

  • To act as a spokesperson on all IGP dogsport related activities on a National basis on behalf of Member Clubs.

  • To abide by the FCI IGP Rules and Regulations and the SV Rules and Regulations for GSD Breed standard.

Policy Statements

Responsible Dog Ownership

  1. A member of WGSDCA shall not knowingly or recklessly misrepresent WGSDCA or WGSDCA Member Clubs

  2. A member shall display good sportsmanship and conduct at all times so as to reflect credit upon themselves, the WGSDCA and WGSDCA Member Clubs

  3. Members shall strive to improve their knowledge of training, trialing, care, welfare and betterment of dogs

  4. Members shall ensure that dogs under their control are properly housed, fed, watered, exercised and controlled

  5. A member shall ensure that their dog(s) are not a danger or nuisance to the community.

Judge's Code of Practice & Conduct

  1. A Judge shall act with professional decorum at trials, events, seminars or in public places

  2. A Judge shall be the custodians of the FCI Trial Rules as well as WUSV Rules & Regulations

  3. A Judge shall not judge dogs that are in his/her ownership or are in his/her possession, or dogs whose owners reside with him/her, or dogs tht are owned by another person of the same household.

  4. A Judge shall not act prejudicial to the best interest of the IGP dog sport or WGSDCA

  5. A Judge shall present himself/herself in attire that is acceptable, appropriate and comfortable for each judging assignment.

Through Member Clubs and Office Bearers, WGSDCA Inc promotes education to GSD dog owners, breeders, judges and the general public.

Animal Cruelty
The WGSDCA and its Member Clubs support legislation to prevent any form of cruelty to animals and will exercise all diligence to discover and report to the appropriate bodies any instance of suspected cruelty to canines.
Any WGSDCA member convicted of a charge of animal cruelty to a dog shall have the membership reviewed by the WGSDCA Board of Management.

Competitive Activities
The WGSDCA promotes the GSD as a working animal. We believe that IGP sport competition provides a valuable outlet for the meeting of GSDs need for physical and mental stimulation while providing opportunities and encouragement for owners to socialise and train their dogs. 

We promote responsible dog ownership. Dogs should be humanely trained and only healthy and fit dogs should compete in the various disciplines of the Sport of IGP.

Dog Aggression
An aggressive dog is defined as a dog that initiates aggression toward another dog or person. Download our policy here

Mission statement
Responsible dog ownership
Judge's Code of Condct
Animal cruelty
Competitive activities
Dog aggression
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