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Our Judge Program

Aspire to become a judge?

You must have been a full WGSDCA member for a minimum of five consecutive years and between 30-60 years of age. You must not earn a substantial part of your income by breeding, handling or selling dogs nor have a vested interest or company entity in any organisation, which likewise earn a substantial part of its income by breeding, handling and/or selling dogs.

You must have trained and titled at least 2 dogs from BH-VT to IGP3 and passed an IGP3 at a WGSDCA National Championship under a SV judge. (If similar experience can be proven, then the Board of Management may accept an application for a Judge Apprenticeship

You apply by sending a cover letter, a recommendation from the president of your Club and a resume of your qualifications to the WGSDCA Director of Judges (here).


WGSDCA IGP Licensed Judges


Judge's Code of Practice & Conduct

A Judge shall act with professional decorum at trials, events, seminars or in public places.
A Judge shall be the custodians of the FCI IGP Trial Rules.
A Judge shall not judge dogs who are in his/her ownership or are in his/her possession, or dogs whose owners reside with him/her, or dogs that are owned by another person of the same household.
A Judge shall not act prejudicial to the best interest of the IGP dogsport or WGSDCA.
A Judge shall present himself/herself in attire that is acceptable, appropriate and comfortable fore each judging assignment.

Judge Apprenticeship

The Apprenticeship requires attendance at a minimum of 5 WGSDCA trials of which at least one is under a SV judge. The Judge Apprentice must judge a minimum of 25 dogs which must include a minimum of 5 BH-VT, 3 IGP1, 3 IGP2, 3 IGP3 and 1 ZAP-W entries. If this is not achieved over 5 trials, then the Apprentice must judge additional trials until this requirement is met. The Director of Judges may request an Apprentice Judge to do more than 5 trials. Of the five trials, at least 2 must be hosted by different WGSDCA clubs.  A written SV-Judge exam must passed as well.

The Apprenticeship must be completed within 4 years.

The Judge Apprentice must request BOM permission to apprentice at a WGSDCA trial no later than 4 weeks prior to the trial event and no later than 4 weeks after trial conclusion submit a report to the Director of Judges.

Please download the WGSDCA Judge Program for more details.

Judge Apprenticeship
Judge cross-license


Judges residing in Australia and licensed under another entity may apply for a WGSDCA judge license as well.

Please contact the WGSDCA Office for further information.

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