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Judge's Code of Practice & Conduct

  1. A Judge shall act with professional decorum at trials, events, seminars or in public places

  2. A Judge shall be the custodians of the FCI Trial Rules.

  3. A Judge shall not judge dogs that are in his/her ownership or are in his/her possession, or dogs whose owners reside with him/her, or dogs tht are owned by another person of the same household.

  4. A Judge shall not act prejudicial to the best interest of the IGP dog sport or WGSDCA

  5. A Judge shall present himself/herself in attire that is acceptable, appropriate and comfortable for each judging assignment.

Aspire to become a licensed judge?

  • You must have been a full WGSDCA member for a min. of 5 consecutive years;

  • Between 30-60years of age;

  • Have trained and titled at least 2 dogs from BH-VT to IGP3, and:

  • Competed at IGP3 level at a WGSDCA National Championship under a SV judge and made a total of at least 210 points.

  • Must not earn a substantial part of their income by breeding, handling or selling working dog nor have a vested interest or company entity in any organisation, which likewise earn a substantial part of its income by breeding, handling or selling dogs.

If similar experience can be proven, then BOM may accept an Judge apprenticeship application.

An application for Judging Apprenticeship is by emailing WGSDCA Director of Judges (here) a cover letter accompanied by your Club's recommendation signed by Club President as well as a written resume of your qualifications.


Apprenticing procedure

  • Judge Apprentice request permission to apprentice at a trial by notifying the BOM no more than 4 weeks prior to the trial event.

  • The Apprentice must submit a report no later than 4 weeks after trial completion to officiating trial judge who will provide feedback as needed. The final report will be sent to Director of Judges and WGSDCA office.

  • The apprenticeship requires a min. of 5 trials under a WGSDCA judge and at least one under a SV judge. The apprentice must judge a min. of 25 levels under the FCI IGP Rule book and these must include a min. of 5 BH-VT, 3 IGP1, 3 IGP2, 3 IGP3 and at least one ZAP-W. If this is not achieved over 5 trials, then the apprentice must judge additional trials until meeting this requirement.

  • The apprenticeship trials must have been hosted by at least 2 different WGSDCA Clubs.

  • The Director of Judges may request an Apprentice Judge to do more than 5 trials.

  • The Apprenticeship must be completed within 4 years.

  • A Written SV - test must subsequently be passed to obtain a probationary WGSDCA Judge License which will be for a minimum of 10 WGSDCA trials. All titles awarded by a probationary WGSDCA jduge will hold the same value as titles issued by a fully licensed WGSDCA judge. A probationary WGSDCA Judge shall not officiate outside of WGSDCA without special permission from the WGSDCA Director of Judges. Such permission will only be granted due to special circumstances.



  • Judges residing in Australia and licensed under another entity may apply for WGSDCA judge license. Please contact WGSDCA office for further information (here).

Please contact for further information regarding the WGSDCA Judge Program.