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SV Breed Survey

The SV Breed Survey is available via WGSDCA

The Breed Survey (a.k.a Korüng) includes a practical performance test which assesses the temperament in a state of excitement as well as a conformation assessment. You must have full WGSDCA membership to enter your dog.

The SV Rules are available here. The WGSDCA Breed Manual is based on the SV Breed Mandate. Download

Prerequisites for dog participation:

  • ANKC pedigree - or equivalent pedigree issued by another country

  • Min. 2 years of age within the calendar year of the breed survey

  • Proof of the following titles:

    • Passed Endurance test

    • An IGP/IPO 1-3 awarded by a judge recognised by the WGSDCA

    • ZAP-W for dogs born from 01.01.2022

    • Show rating of at least 'good' obtained at no less than 12 months of age

  • Recognised HD/ED scores for breeding.


Faults precluding breed survey eligibility are detailed in Section 3 of the WUSV Breed Program 2019 (here).

Breed Survey Registration Form

Fee: $50.00
Note: Confirmation Email will be sent to specified owner.

The Breed Survey during the 2023 National Championship will be on June 11th, the address is 150 Copland St, East Wagga Wagga


Owner details

Handler details

Dog details

Proof of HD/ED Scores
Copy of Pedigree

As pursuant to the 2019 WUSV Program, it is required to have HD/ED results from a recognised entity from 01.01.25

Type of Survey

Upload proof of:

Endurance Title
Show Rating ≥G

I, as the owner of the dog hereby certify that the provided information is correct. Further, it is fully understood that I agree to be fully responsible for the actions of  the dog while on the event grounds. I agree to hold harmless the hosting club, the WGSDCA as well as their members, officers, directors and all owners of property on which the event is being held for the loss or injury which may have been caused directly or indirectly to any person, myself or property by any act of the dog while in my care, while on the event premises. I hereby assume all responsibility and liability for such claims.

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Breed Survey Registration Form
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