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Since our inception, the WGSDCA has been focused on stressing
the importance of responsible dog ownership through training,
education and the holding of Trial and Seminars.

WGSDCA was formed in 1990 and is the largest and longest standing IGP Organisation in Australia with numerous clubs in Australia and New Zealand. The Organisation conduct the sport of IGP in accordance with the FCI Utility Dog Rules. The Organisation has titled more than +1,000 dogs over its lifespan.​

The sport of IGP also identify dogs that should not be trained in the sport. All our Member Clubs have a responsibility to the dogs, members and society to constant evaluate every dog and to decline any dog with questionable ability to partake in the sport of IGP.

In 2002, WGSDCA held its very first IGP National Championship which was open to all breeds. The event was officiated by Judge Mr. Lance Collins, Canada. The WGSDCA IPO Nationals are held annually in the first or second weekend of June and hosted by an WGSDCA affiliate Member Club.


Director of Judges | Reg Worth


Reg has been involved in IGP since 1990 and co-founder of and Training Director at Metro Dogsport Club. Reg is a WGSDCA & SV Foreign Trial judge and Teacher Helper. He assists with the development of future trial helpers. He has trained and titled 6 dogs including 4 IGP3 dogs and was the WGSDCA Grand National IPO3 champion in 2008 and 2015. He competed at the 2007 FMBB World Championship.  He has assisted in dogs gaining 50+ titles.

Board of Management

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President | Sanne Pedersen

Sanne has been involved in IGP since 1992 and co-founder and Treasurer of Sydney Dogsport Club. She has trained and titled 12 dogs including 3 from BH to IGP3. She has competed at 8 WGSDCA National Championships and was the IGP3 Champion in 2013, 2016, 2018 and 2019 with three different dogs. She represented Australia at 3 WUSV World Championships. She has assisted in dogs gaining +20 titles.


Treasurer | Paul Andryc

Paul has been a professional dog trainer for over 10 years and involved in IGP Dogsport since 2013. Paul is a licensed WGSDCA Trial Helper and currently the president of one of our longest-standing WGSDCA Clubs, Brisbane Sporting Dog Club, where he has assisted with the development and titling of many IGP sporting dogs. Paul is not only an apt trial and training helper, but also a proficient handler himself. He has titled many IGP dogs over the years and his current competition dog is Ragnar.


Vice President | Amanda Parry

Amanda has worked in the professional working dog industry, specifically government agencies, as a handler and contracted trainer for +20 years. She has been involved in IGP dogsport since 2015. Amanda co-founded Valley Dogsport Club and is currently the president, training director and helper. She has trained and titled 2 dogs and currently working with her next competition dog, Valak. Amanda has assisted in dogs gaining +10 titles.


Secretary | Natalie Woelfel

Natalie has been involved in IGP since 1992. She is a WGSDCA judge and started her Judging apprenticeship under SV Training judge, Herr. Stolpe. She judged at the 2013 and 2014 WGSDCA IGP National Championships. She has trained and titled 4 dogs to various levels, the most successful her GSD - 5x IGP3. She has held the position of Secretary with Dogsport New Zealand since it's inception in 1994. 


Contacts (for general information:


Sanne Pedersen


Paul Andryc

Admin of Records

Karyn Worth


Mike Harper

Vice President

Amanda Parry

Director of Judges

Reg Worth

Breed Warden

Clint Wehmeier

Magazine Editor

Karyn Worth


Natalie Woelfel

Public Officer

Anna Jones

Director of Helpers

Shane Asanuma

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Affiliated Clubs

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Eastside Shepherd Dogsport Group


Junee Dogsport Club


Scenic Rim Sportdog Club


Working German Shepherd Victoria


Valley Dogsport Club


South East Queensland Dogsport Club


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Sydney Dogsport Club


Fenrir Dogsport Club


Karma K9 Dog Sports Club


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