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Orivet Landscape Logo Positive RGB_edited.jpg
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May 31st to June 2nd, 2024

Hawkesbury Showground, Racecourse Road, Clarendon NS


Friday May 31st

Friday May 31st

Friday May 31st

Friday May 31st

Friday May 31

9 - 10.00

10 - 11.30



Handler - Judge Meeting


Helper Selection

Opening Ceremony | Draw

Saturday June 1

7 - 9.00

10 - 15.00

IGP1 Tracking

IGP2-3 (B & C), BH-VT | Traffic Test

Sunday June 2

7 - 9.00

10 - 15.00



IGP2-3 Tracking

IGP1 (B & C)

Breed Survey

Closing Ceremony


2024 National Catalogue Advertising

Half page: AUD50.00
Full page: AUD100.00

Advertising in the 2024 National catalogue is available on the provision there is no conflict with our current sponsors.
Payment via submission of advertisement form.
Submission Deadline: 1 May 2024

Please send us an email.

Entry Information

IGP Competition

Entry Fees: Single phase, $75.00. All other levels, $90.00* Handlers must be a member of a WGSDCA Club Affiliate. First-time handlers must pass a written test provided at the event. Dogs entering IGP levels must have been HD/ED assessed. If that's not the case, or scores are not within the acceptance range of the service provider, then a veterinary fit-for-purpose statement is required. IGP3 entries: Open for German Shepherds with an IGP3 title awarded under the WGSDCA. *Moved at WGSDCA AGM 2022

Breed Survey

Entry Fee: $50.00 German Shepherds only The Survey will be on Sunday 2nd June after the completion of the IGP competition. Entry eligibility criteria: - Minimum 2 years of age. - Recognised pedigree certificate. - HD/ED scores within the range deemed normal by the service provider.* - Must have an Endurance title, an IGP1/IPO1 and a show grading of at least "good'. - Dogs born from 01.01.2022 must have passed a ZAP-W. *From 01.01.25 the Scheme has to be WUSV recognised.


Have a question?  Flick us an email


Team Australia

The Team representing Australia at the 2024 WUSV IGP3 World Championship (1-6 October, Meppen Germany) will be assembled based on the ranking outcome at the 2024 WGSDCA National Championship.

Planning to make it on the team? - Dog must have a prior IGP3 title awarded under WGSDCA - Dog must make a minimum of 240pts at our national and at least 80pt in each discipline. - Dog must have WUSV recognised pedigree and HD/ED scores. - Dogs born from 01.01.2020 must have a show grading of at least "Good'. Australian Import/Export Regulations: - Dog must have a valid Rabies vaccination certificate and a RNATT. - All standard vaccinations must be up to date. - You must apply for an import/export permit via DAFF. - Overseas blood testing is required to get the dog back to Australia. Travelling to Germany: - Be prepared to spend at least 3 weeks overseas to ensure enough time to get the blood results required overseas. - The dog can arrive to any German city but only fly out from Frankfurt. If the required overseas blood testing is NOT done in Frankfurt, then you need to find a German State vet in that area where the blood sampling was done and who is willing to endorse the paperwork before the dog can get back to Australia.


Tracking areas are grass

Photos from Feb 15, 2024.

This year we have succeeded in finding areas that are spectator friendly.


NATS2024 Registrations



Your Special Moments

We are grateful for the continuous support from Mike and Jane who once again will capture all the special moments

Fill out the form to purchase the amazing shots of you and your dog performance. Fee: $50.00

A link to your downloadable photos will be provided after the event.

Order Your Photos Here

You missed a field


Our Trial Helpers and tracklayers

Only 3 of the 6 helpers will be selected by the Judges on May 31st.


On-site Camping is possible
Fee: $40 per night.
Electricity, shower, toilet available.
Clarendon Tavern is just across the road.
Windsor and Richmond offer many pubs, cafes etc. Driving distance ~2km

You can hire a modern caravan from On Point Caravan Hire who will bring the caravan to you.

Please contact for more information

Dog-friendly caravan parks or rentals
Check out for dog-friendly rental options.

Check out HipCamp. for dog-friendly camping options.

Percy's Place Caravan Park: here

Ingenia Holidays Avina: here





2024 WGSDCA National IGP Registration

Incomplete/incorrect Entry Forms will not be accepted. Requested documentation must be in Image Format (jpeg or jpg).

Handler Details

Do not add title(s) to name

Dog Details

This is a German Shepherd Dog?
Current IGP-3 Title awarded under WGSDCA?
Is this your first trial ever?

   Sorry, this is a prerequisite for IGP3 entries   

Upload HDED Certificate
Upload a photo of you and dog
Upload Proof of Current Title
Vet Stat.Dec Fit-4-Purpose

You missed a field and/or uploaded the wrong file format

The provided information was successfully submitted. Please proceed to payment.

Dinner Registration
Beef Fillet

2024Nats Dinner

Clarendon Tavern, Racecourse Drive, Clarendon

Friday May 31st, 7pm


You missed a field

Your Dinner Registration has been submitted.

We will contact you for further details


Two Series of Prizes

2024 WGSDCA National Championship

Lottery Draw

Series A ticket price: One for $20, three for $50, ten for $120

Series B ticket price: One for $10, three for $25, ten for $60

Terms & Conditions

Ticket Sale will end June 2nd - 3pm. The draw will be conducted June 2nd during the closing ceremony of the 2024 WGSDCA IGP National Championship (~5pm). Prize winners will be notified at the time of the draw in person or by email. Prize shipment can be arranged at the cost of the winner.

Nonprofit fundraiser for WUSV World Championship Team Australia. All lottery proceeds will go to Team Australia.

What is Team Australia? 

The annual WGSDCA IGP National Championships are qualifying events to represent Australia at a WUSV IGP3 World Championship. In the event that Australia is not represented at the 2024 WUSV IGP3 World Championship, the raised funds will be allocated to next year's Team Australia. The handlers and dogs representing Team Australia are those who entered the IGP3 competion at the WGSDCA IGP National Championship. The top five IGP3 placings are entitle to represent Australia at the WUSV IGP3 World Championship in the same year of the WGSDCA National Championship and subject to meeting the stipulated WUSV World Championship entry criteria.

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