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Be Like Lisa

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Lisa Galloway as the WGSDCA Assistant Secretary.

Lisa reached out to the Board of Management and offered to help with the admin burden.

An offer that we didn't think twice about.

Lisa is the secretary of South East Queensland Dogsport Club who joined the WGSDCA in June last year. She will start helping our Admin of Records with scorebook and sportspasses orders. The help is in dire need as we are now averaging >100 book orders per year.

The WGSDCA admin burden is at a tipping point where it is no longer reasonable to just have a few people looking after the work behind the scene. It is important for the success of the organisation to 'teach the robes' to the next generation - and vice versa, that the next generation is willing to get involved in the work that must happen behind the scene to enable us all to do what we really love to do - work our dogs.

Please reach out to Lisa and show your appreciation of her stepping up.

Much appreciated, Lisa.

If you think you can help then please reach out to the WGSDCA Office.


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