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Good bye 2021 | Hello 2022

Dear WGSDCA members, Clubs & Friends,

It feels like we just blinked and here we are again, putting another year behind us. This year was again challenged by COVID19 restrictions. Nevertheless, our Clubs managed to squeeze in trials and other events around snap lock downs. Our respective Club affiliates are excellent ambassadors of not only IGP dogsport but also for the German Shepherd as a versatile sound dog who is loved as a both family and sports dog.

2022 WGSDCA National Championship As Australia is hitting one of the highest vaccination rates in the world, I sincerely hope that 2022 is the year where WGSDCA gets back to full throttle forward. I hope to see all our members and friends at the 2022 National Championship in Queensland June 3-5. If all goes well from an international travel point of view, we have extended our 2020 invitation to SV judge Mr Hoerst Dieter Träger to officiate the event.

Another busy year 2021 was another busy year with many changes as we strive to further align with the WUSV World Harmonisation Plan. An exciting time is laying ahead of us. There will be challenges as to how to practice what we preach, but we have a great fraternity who courageously embraces change and a desire for progress. The Board of Management together with the broader office team are focused on accelerating the services catered for by WGSDCA and hence providing the opportunities for GSD owners to follow the WUSV Harmonisation Plan. For example, we saw several clubs offering the ZAP-W puppy test - events that were booked out within days. WGSDCA have the procedure in place for SV breed surveys and we have for more than a year been offering hip/elbow scoring by the German entity, DZG, who also provides their services to WUSV, SV and many other mainstream canine bodies. I want to personally thank Dr. Tellhelm and his team for their guidance and assistance as WGSDCA integrated this service. Also a big shout out to the Australian Vets who jump onboard to become licensed foreign radiologists for DZG.

Thank You Please join me in thanking Crystal Lakatos for her commitment as the WGSDCA Vice President for several years. Amanda Perry was appointed the VP position at the 2021 AGM and the WGSDCA Board of Management looks forward to welcome Amanda to the administration part of WGSDCA. For the first time in WGSDCA history, we also established a Breed Warden position, which Clint Wehmeier kindly accepted. It is not easy to take on a completely new role, and on behalf of WGSDCA Board of Management, we look forward to growing this role together with Clint. This year the baton a.k.a Director of Helpers was passed on from Istvan Lakatos to Shane Asanuma. We thank Istvan for his time and dedication to this position and look forward to seeing him obtaining his judge license. Likewise, we welcome Shane to the Director of Helpers chair and we have full confidence he will continue to grow the WGSDCA Trial Helper portfolio.

Bring on 2022

Next year, we will see further development and improvement. Something which I am excited and passionate about. I am privileged to be working side by side with people who are determined to fight for the preservation of the German Shepherd Dog as a sound versatile working and family dog. I salute the drive, passion and determination from the collective WGSDCA office team, our club affiliates, judges, trial secretaries, tracklayers, helpers and each of our individual members and supporters. Your dedication and efforts are the driving force behind the success of WGSDCA and our collective goal of aligning our organisation with the WUSV to the highest standard possible. Keep up the absolute brilliant work. THANK YOU

On behalf of WGSDCA Board of Management, I wish everybody a festive season and a prosperous new year.

WGSDCA President | Sanne Pedersen


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