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The 5 Steps for entering WGSDCA Trials

As Australia (hopefully) continues to have the COVID19 situation under control, our Club Affiliates are picking up the reins with respect to hosting WGSDCA Trials.

It has come to our attention, that some find it hard to understand what is needed to enter our IGP trial events:

Step 1 - WGSDCA Club Membership: You need to be a member of one of our Club Affiliates due to liability insurance requirements for sporting events. If you are only interested in access to the WGSDCA IGP trials - due to you for example training outside of the WGSDCA sphere - then most of our Club Affiliates have implemented an "Associate Club Membership". Inquire with the Club of your preference, or contact to point you in a direction.

Step 2 - WGSDCA Individual Membership: You need to subscribe to WGSDCA Individual, $55 per year, or Dual membership ($100 per year). You can apply for that here after Step 1.

Step 3 - Get a WGSDCA Sportspass: Use the online form to submit your application: here.

Step 4 - Get a Scorebook for your dog: This is only needed if you dog doesn't have one already: here.

These first 4 steps are a one-time exercise only: You are now ready to enter a WGSDCA IGP trial. These events are posted on our WGSDCA Facebook/Event page but you can also find them here.

Step 5 - Create an online Trial Entry form: here. Once you submit your form, you will receive an email with all the provided details. Forward that email to the Trial Secretary/hosting club to lodge your entry. The trial secretary will contact you to arrange payment for trial participation. If you have any doubt please contact either the hosting Club directly or WGSDCA Secretariat:

Additional Information:

- The FCI Rule book is available here. If you find that hard to follow, you wouldn't be the first one. We have made a condense summary which you can download for free here.

- If you are a first-timer, then the BH-VT booklet may be an easier place to start. You can download that for free here

Happy Trialing & Good Luck.


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