WGSDCA Trial Entry Form


1. You must subscribe to individual WGSDCA membership and be a member of a WGSDCA Club

2. You must have a scorebook for your dog

3. You must have a WGSDCA sportspass

3. You must be able to prove if you dog has a prior title. If so, then the WGSDCA will accept a title if awarded under a FCI, WUSV, SV or WGSDCA licensed judge. If this is not the case, then you can only enter at the current titled level of your dog (or start with BH-VT if you dog is untitled)

4. A dog trained in bite work outside the scope of the FCI Utility Dog Scheme (IGP Dogsport) is not eligible for WGSDCA Trial entry

Enter a WGSDCA sanctioned Trial event:

4. Fill out the WGSDCA Trial Entry form below

5. You will need to submit a copy of your dog's current title, if it has achieved a title (copy of your scorebook)

6. You will receive an email with all the submitted information once you submit the form. FORWARD THIS EMAIL TO TO TRIAL SECRETARY TO  LODGE YOUR TRIAL ENTRY. The Trial secretary will reach out to you with respect to payment details

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