WGSDCA Trial Entry


  1. You must hold Individual WGSDCA Membership and be a member of a WGSDCA Club (unless you are entering a ZAP-W or breed survey). Membership information available HERE.

  2. Your dog must have a scorebook (not necessary for ZAP-W entries). The scorebook doesn't have to be issued by the WGSDCA. Get one HERE

  3. You must have a WGSDCA sportspass (not necessary for ZAP-W entries). Get one HERE

  4. You must be able to prove if you dog has a prior title. If so, then the WGSDCA will accept a title if awarded under a FCI, WUSV, SV or WGSDCA licensed judge. If this is not the case, then you can only enter at the current titled level of your dog (or start with BH-VT if you dog is untitled). 

  5. Note that additional specifications exist for entering WGSDCA National Championships.

A dog trained in bite work outside the scope of the FCI Utility Dog Scheme (IGP Dogsport) CANNOT participate in WGSDCA Trials

Trial Entry Fees

Single Phase Levels: $50.00      (e.g. BH-VT, ZAP-W, FPr1-3, UPr1-3, etc.)

All others                  :  $60.00      (e.g. IGP1-3, GPr1-3, etc)


You will receive a confirmation email after submitting your Trial Entry Form. Please forward that to the Trial Chairperson to complete your trial entry and for payment.

One dog per Trial Entry form. You may enter max. 2 dogs per trial

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Chris Loverseed and Kovacs Ninja 80.jpeg