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Passing on The Baton

WGSDCA Director of Helpers

The WGSDCA Director of Helpers [DoH] position has been passed on from Mr. Istvan Lakatos to Mr. Shane Asanuma.

Both gentlemen have reputations that precede them well beyond the fraternity of WGSDCA. Both are active dog handlers and both carry a wealth of knowledge pertaining to the iconic part of our sport, The Sleeve Work.

Thank You

Under Istvan's guidance, the WGSDCA streamlined the pre-selection process for helpers aiming to be considered for WGSDCA National Championships. This included the implementation of a Trial Performance Ranking System to guide such decisions made by the Board of Management. The WGSDCA Helper Program Curriculum was also invigorated by Istvan to further the education of helpers and hence grow WGSDCA's "portfolio"

of licensed Trial Helpers. During his appointment as the WGSDCA DoH, Istvan commenced his WGSDCA judge apprenticeship. As WGSDCA continues to flourish and grow, we are facing a need for more judges. It was therefore sensible to hand over the baton to Mr. Shane Asanuma.

Top: Istvan during a judge apprentice trial in 2020. Bottom: Istvan enjoying being a competitor at the 2019 WGSDCA National Championship. Photo credit: Mike Harper


Shane is an experienced trial helper and obtained his Helper Teacher accreditation early 2020. He is a familiar face at our WGSDCA National Championships as he has been a Trial Helper at every WGSDCA Nationals since his debut as a National Trial Helper in 2016. Shane also sat the precedence as being the first WGSDCA Trial Helper being used by other organisations - most recently at the 2021 WMA National Championship. A testimony to his skill set, which is not that surprising in light of the fact that Reg Worth was his Helper Mentor.

Shane doing his thing at the 2021 WGSDCA National Championship.

Photo credit: Mike Harper

The Board of Management has no doubt that we have found the right 'feet' to fill the 'New Boots' created by Istvan Lakatos and we look forward to seeing the WGSDCA Helper Program further flourish. Please join us in thanking Istvan for his contributions towards the WGSDCA Helper Program and Shane for taking on the challenge to further grow the Program.

Feel free to reach out to Shane on the following email for any questions you may have to the WGSDCA Helper Program:

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