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Because We Care:X-ray Radiologist, QLD

It is with much excitement that we can announce that our third Veterinary approved for GSD X-ray image submission to Germany is located in Rockhampton, Queensland:

Dr. Skilling, Torenbeek Vet Clinic.

Three states have therefore joined WGSDCA's initiative to provide the opportunity for Australian GSD owners to access the German HD/ED scoring system governed by the DZG and commissioned also by the SV and WUSV. You can find the vet details here: click

Three vets are not enough to cover Australia. Get your vet onboard. You can download the DZG invitation letter from below and take it to your vet. Alternatively, you can encourage your vet to reach out to WGSDCA and we will assist with the process.

Signed Invitation To Participate in the
Download • 966KB


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