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The Working German Shepherd & Dogsport Clubs of Australasia (WGSDCA) was formed in 1992. It is the largest and longest-standing Australian organisation dedicated to the preservation of the German Shepherd Dog as a working animal.


We have numerous clubs in Australia and New Zealand who offer IGP dogsport as well as other activities and schemes focused on the preservation of the German Shepherd Dog (GSD) as a healthy and sound working dog.


A WUSV Cooperation Partner

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About us

Dedicated to The Preservation of the German Shepherd Dog

Our members are from all paths of life but they all have a foremost interest in the well-being of their dogs and letting their dogs use their natural instincts. Due to WGSDCA's affiliation with the World Union for GSD, our dogs are primarily German Shepherds and most of our members are passionate IGP dogsport aficionados.  We teach responsible ownership and training of working dog breeds.

Our clubs are located in QLD, VIC, NSW and WA as well as New Zealand. Most of our clubs offer 2-3 training sessions per week and managed by experienced dog trainers who offer their time voluntarily. In addition to training and trialing opportunities, the WGSDCA also runs various seminars and workshops

International Collaborations

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The WGSDCA is a cooperation partner of the WUSV (World Union for German Shepherd dogs). This means we can offer several WUSV-recognised Schemes such as the ZAP-W assessment (aka the 'WB' or "Puppy Test") and SV Breed Surveys. WUSV recognised HD/ED scores can be obtained via our DZG portal in Germany. 

We are the only organisation in Australasia who offers GSD Breed Surveys as undertaken by the SV as well as enabling assessment of hip and elbow x-rays and such assessment to be recognised by the WUSV.

As a WUSV cooperation partner, the WGSDCA National championships are a qualifier for Australian representation at WUSV World Championships.


IGP Dogsport

The Canine Version of A Triathlon

IGP dogsport is a recreational canine activity. The sport is governed by the FCI. To enter WGSDCA sanctioned IGP trials, a dog must have a scorebook and the handler a WGSDCA sportspass.


The first IGP entry level for any given dog is a BH-VT. If the handler is a first-timer, then the handler must pass a written test first. The BH-VT is kind of a 'good citizen' test. It includes an obedience routine as well as a 'traffic test'. In the traffic test, a dog's response to strangers, other dogs, runners, bikers and more is evaluated. These are valuable traits to be verified for any dog living in today's society.

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Untold Stories

What's yours?

We would love hearing how your journey into IGP began. 

Submit via the link below and your story may be part of a special edition of "Untold Stories"

Sanne Pedersen | WGSDCA President I had just moved out from home to start at the University. A couple of months in, a girl was killed in a Campus pushbike shed. That triggered me getting my first dog, Katuska (Belgian Terveuren). One day when walking her across the crop land surrounding Campus, I spotted a group of dog people with dogs in 10m leads. That took me into a Schutzhund tracking and from there into the wonders of Schutzhund dogsport, now known as IGP dogsport. I've been involved in the sport for +30years. The wonderful bond created with a dog when doing this sport never ceases to amaze me. I have owned and trained many dogs. All of them special but my Kita Pumpkin Eater was the dog who catapulted me into competitive IGP dogsport.

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