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2019 Moments & Memories

November 30, 2019

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November 30, 2019

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13 Dec 2019

The 2019 Summer Edition is now available: click here.

As we say goodbye to 2019 and The Decade of the 2010s, we hope you will enjoy our latest edition capturing all the latest in our dogsport fraternity. 

It is with much excitement that we continue to see the 'Us vs Th...

30 Nov 2019

The end of the 2010s is looming in the horizon. What better opportunity to reflect on how far we have come. Thank  you members for being true friends to our dogs and take responsible for their health and welfare. Thanks for promoting IGP dogsport as a framework for the...

25 Nov 2019

"I'm gonna get dressed for success

Shaping it up for your love. Look sharp!"

Do you know the lyrics?

The WGSDCA is facing its 4th decade but our dedication to promote the German Shepherd Dog as a modern versatile working dog breed is stronger than ever.

Get behind the Aus...

20 Aug 2019

Get your electronic copy of the 2019 Winter WGSDCA Dogsport Magazine Edition (click here). Check out the formidable photos from the recent WGSDCA National Championship provided by the man himself, Mike Harper. You can find the performance scores and some of the videos...

16 Jun 2019

We'd like to thank Von Ultimate Dog Shop - Evan Harbalis for their generous support towards  Team Australia representing Australia at the 2019 WUSV IGP3 World Championship, Modena, Italy in October.  Von Ultimate Dog Shop has sponsored dog sport for many years includin...

11 Jun 2019

Your small support could accomplish a big dream

Help WGSDCA to stand out and continue to ring the bell for IGP dogsport in Australia.

We need to build international awareness about the Australian GSD and our aim to promote it as a working dog.

How Can You Help

The objec...

10 Jun 2019

🐾 Hold the Vision | Keep Competing for the Betterment of the Australian GSD as a Working Animal 🐾

At the WGSDCA Special General Meeting June 9, 2019, the WGSDCA Executive Clubs carried the following Motions proposed by the WGSDCA Board of Management:

  1. Rescindment of...

16 Apr 2019

The 2019 Autumn WGSDCA Dogsport Magazine edition is live.

Put on the kettle, make a cuppa tea

and get the latest News from the WGSDCA. The 2019 Autumn edition has a variety of articles spanning from injury prevention for IGP dogs to addressing those myths and misconcep...

31 Mar 2019

Get your 2019 WGSDCA National Championship Outfit Ready in Time

Place your order here:


All profit goes towards the cost of the event. 

27 Mar 2019

Get behind the WGSDCA National Championship

and show your support for IGP Dogsport in Australia by showcasing your business (e.g. Breeder, Pet care Services, Dog Training, Grooming Services, etc) by way of sponsoring a banner carrying your business logo and/or name.


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Want to have a closer look at IGP Dogsport?

Invite one of our experienced IGP dog handlers to come to your event to provide a talk on IGP dog sport and/or for demonstrating IGP routines. Contact WGSDCA Secretary for further information.