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Why have Petcover Pet Insurance for Your Dog?

Have peace of mind knowing your canine companion is protected if the unexpected were to happen.


Your faithful friend is covered in the event of accidents, illnesses, or injuries, regardless of whether he or she participates in IGP Dogsport, is a therapy or guide dog, or is simply a trusted family member.


What are the benefits of Petcover Pet Insurance?


☑️ Up to $20,000 for eligible vet fees*

☑️ Range of plans to suit all budgets

☑️ Easy Claims process

☑️ No waiting period for injury

☑️ Up to 100% back* on claims


Dog owners can visit their veterinarian without hesitation, knowing that their beloved pets are covered in case of an emergency.


To get peace of mind cover for your German Shepherd and trusted canine friend, visit the Petcover website: or call 1300 731 324.


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