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Unlocking Doors. Be Inspired. Inspire Others.

On December 13, 2020 the WGSDCA Executive Clubs were unanimous in their support of several constitutional changes proposed by the WGSDCA Board of Management.

Some of the carried motions will further open up the doors for working dog enthusiasts as well as German Shepherd Dog aficionados who share WGSDCA’s vision – the preservation of the characteristic traits of a German Shepherd Dog and which made this breed so popular in the first place - a physically healthy breed with an extraordinary sound temperament and a remarkable character of an intelligent and active dog who desires to do something.

Compete at WGSDCA Club and National Events But Under a non-WGSDCA Club Banner

Do It via a Kindred Club Membership

Clubs affiliated with other working dog organisations may now apply for a WGSDCA Kindred Club Membership Subscription if such clubs are registered incorporations and hold a PLI. On approval of a Kindred Club Membership (annual subscription fees apply), the members of such clubs may partake in any of WGSDCA’s sanctioned events (trials, helper, tracklayer seminars, etc etc) on the conditions that such member subscribes to a WGSDCA Social Membership (flat annual fee of $20). In the event of entering a WGSDCA Trial, such individual will enter a trial (club or national level) in the name of their Club.

Please contact for further details.

(Previously, only individuals who were members of a WGSDCA Club Affiliate and individual full members of WGSDCA could enter WGSDCA trials. This rule placed a burden on the existing WGSDCA Club Affiliates and prohibited trial entries to further grow.

Social Membership Subscription Privileges Expanded

The privileges of WGSDCA Social Membership Subscription were altered to accommodate the above change, but also further expanded to grant Social Members of the WGSDCA access to the WGSDCA HD/ED Portal to Germany as well as other evaluation activities such as the “Puppy Test” etc.

Work Together. Showcase The GSD as a Working Dog.

As Often As Possible.

On behalf of WGSDCA Board of Management, I thank the Executive Clubs for supporting our recommendation to enable other Australian working dog clubs to enter the WGSDCA trial arena without losing their often multi-year affiliations with other IGP-like organisations in Australia.

See you all on the field.


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