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The next edition of the WGSDCA Dogsport Magazine is ready for download.

Check out the wonderful collage of photos from our 2022 WGSDCA National Championship (courtesy of Mike & Jane Harper) as well as a collage of photos from 20 years of WGSDCA IPO/IGP Nationals.

Read the fascinating story of the German Shepherd Dog, PD Survivor Jeff, who besides being a General-Purpose Police dog also became one of the very few Human Remains Detection dogs in NSW Police. Jeff's story is a true testimony to the versatile capabilities of the German Shepherd Dog breed and we thank Roger Mayer (aka "Big Dog") for sharing his journey with Jeff.

This edition also have stories from some of our newest WGSDCA members and Kindred Body Clubs and we are grateful for their support.

We thank our long-term sponsors, Clear Dog Treats and K9 Pro and welcome our newest sponsor, Orivet, who is a leading genetic testing organisation offering an extensive range of genetic services to breeders and pet owners in Australia as well as overseas.

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