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Supreme Authority of the Canine World

Author & Copyrights: Jim Engel, 2021 | Shared with permission

The article "Supreme Authority of the Canine World" outlines the history of the establishments of the FCI and the WUSV and eloquently summarises the escalating FCI vendetta against the international German Shepherd Community, the SV and the WUSV. Late 2019, this escalated to a ban on SV judges going to external foreign clubs (non-FCI affiliated).

"..what began as an apolitical service for clerical and ancillary international [FCI] services gradually escalated in their self-serving minds to the illusion of supreme authority. In this way they have gone far beyond their original charter...".

The intent was to eradicate WUSV influence and power once and for all. This was to have been the moment of triumph for the FCI where they would have inflected the coup de grâce once and for all.

"For the SV this was a moment of truth..."

As sharing judges has always been the primary means by which the SV, representing the nation of origin, sought to share the heritage of von Stephanitz, to bring unity to the German Shepherd affairs, particularly breeding, worldwide. [read more here]

Apparently, the FCI had the expectations, or at least hope, that the Germans would go belly up. But...

“…as events played out, this ultimately led to the emasculation and repudiation of the FCI in the European Courts. These outcomes are of epic importance as it lays the foundation for a paradigm shift that will reverberate for decades to come."

Get the full article here. It is of paramount importance that the working dog aficionados understand why/how the events played out and why the outcomes lay the foundation for a paradigm shift, as the SV and the WUSV - and many other institutions - are going through change and renewal. We must support these changes anyway possible if we are truly determine to preserve our working dog breeds.


"Take this trouble for me: Make sure my shepherd dog remains a working dog, for I have struggled all my life long for that aim" - Rittermeister Captain Max von Stephanitz.

A great deal of credit must go to several people in high places who took the matter to court. Bravo!

Who is Jim Engel?

Jim Engel is a steadfast advocate of the most fundamental principle of von Stephanitz - the German Shepherd must remain a working dog. He is a proficient writer on the rift between ornamental and functional lines in working dog breeds, particularly the German Shepherd (here). He writes with an uncommon elan, yet factual and his articles are good sources for reflection and discussions.


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