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Registration for Puppy Test Assessment

Due to an overwhelming interest in registering 9-13months dogs for the SV Puppy-Test "ZAP-W", WGSDCA has implemented a new registration process for events pertaining to ZAP-W only.

This was necessary as the eligibility criteria are different to those required to enter an IGP Trial:

What do you need to enter a ZAP-W event?

  • You do not need a scorebook for your dog

  • You do not need a sportspass

  • You do not need to subscribe to membership with one of our WGSDCA Club Affiliates

  • You just need to subscribe to WGSDCA Social Membership ($20 per annum) which also gives you access to hip and elbow scoring in Germany**

Want to know more?

You can read more about the Puppy test here:

How do you find an event?

The ZAP-W Events are lodge on our event calendar:

You are too busy to keep an eye on our event Calendar?

Submit an Expression of Interest and we will contact you if a ZAP-W event is being hosted in your state:

How do you register your dog for a ZAP-W assessment?

Simple - fill out the registration form:



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