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Launch of Australian Portal to the German HD-ED Screening scheme

The WGSDCA BOM is excited to announce the launch of an Australian Portal to the German Hip and Elbow Dysplasia (HD-ED) Screening Scheme for German Shepherd Dogs.


The Dysplasia Zentrum of Gießen GbR (DZG) is the official HD-ED Expert Panel utilised by the SV as part of their breed matrix for identification of breed worthy animals.The HD-ED Expert Panel is fundamental to the WUSV HD-ED Screening Scheme which aims to build a global database to accelerate genetic improvement towards better hip and elbow conformation. WGSDCA and DZG will collaborate to facilitate the certification of Australian veterinarians to become Foreign Veterinary Radiologists authorised to submit hip and elbow x-ray images to the SV HD-ED Expert Panel for subsequent HD-ED scoring as undertaken in Germany. Why

WGSDCA is catering for IGP dogsport in Australia, but we have a strong interest in supporting the Australian German Shepherd Aficionados who are dedicated to preserve the GSD BluePrint as captured by the WUSV Harmonisation Program and which calls for a global standard following five quality criterions (in hierarchical order): Health, verification of parentage, temperament, work performance and exterior. We have a foremost interest in German Shepherd Dogs who are physical and genetically healthy and who have a sound temperament – as that is fundamental for the development of IGP sporting dogs. The WUSV Global Harmonisation Program means a change of practice for many countries, and this has been met with ubiquitous resistance – from foot-dragging and inertia to outright rebellions. More often than not, simply due to some countries being too settled in their habitual ways. Be the change that you want to see WGSDCA need help from our members to spread the news. Please download (click here) Dr. Tellhelm’s cordial invitation for Australian Veterinarians to partake in the German SV/WUSV HD-ED Screening Program. We would like to see as many Australian Veterinarians as possible to partake in building a global HD-ED register. A pre-requisite is a capacity to take x-ray images in DICOM format. Most Australian vets will be able to do that already. Get your vet to sign-up for an initial image quality assessment via www.wgsdca/hd-edportal. If your vet is successful, then they can enrol in the full program to become one of the first Australian Veterinarian Radiologist for the German HD-ED Screening scheme. Your vet is now authorised to take x-ray images of German Shepherd Dogs in Australia and submit these on your behalf for subsequent HD-ED Grading and Scoring. The scores will of course be recognised by the WUSV and SV. Any Australian GSD owner who subscribe to any one of the WGSDCA membership may choose to partake in the German HD-ED Screening Scheme, but it has to be through a Veterinarian certified by the German HD-ED Expert Team. The scores will of course be recognised by the WUSV and SV. So without further ado, let’s get cracking and show how it is done. You can find more details on The indicated fees are those of the HD-ED Expert Panel + VAT + a small WGSDCA administration fee.


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