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Have You Heard About Petcover's Breeding Program?

Petcover works closely with Australian veterinarians, breeders, charities, and pet business partners.


Committed to helping animals live longer and healthier lives, Petcover has maintained longstanding and valued partnerships within the Australian pet industry.


As a Petcover partner, breeders can offer new pet owners 6 weeks of free introductory pet insurance coverage, with no cost to the breeder or customer. *


If an accident, illness, or injury occurs, pet parents shouldn't hesitate to call the vet.

Breeders who send their puppies to their new furrever homes can be sure they will be ready for the journey, and pet parents can feel confident going to the vet in case of an emergency.


To find out more information and to become a Petcover Breeder partner, visit the Petcover website:


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