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24-pages of working dogs

Our first edition of the WGSDCA Dogsport Magazine is here!

Read about Glynis' experience of getting to the 2023 WUSV World Championship and back home. If you dream about representing Australia, then please read the article on how to get hip and elbow scores that are recognised by the WUSV.

From 01.01.25 dogs participating in WUSV events must have HD/ED scores from a recognised service provider

"On the trial day, being on the field felt exactly like I thought it would (equal amounts of terrifying and exhilarating"

"BH Initiation by Fire" by Julia Hunt is a testimony of determination, courage and a willingness to work hard towards your goals.

"No two dogs are the same to train"

Read the club update from Eastside Shepherd Dogsport Group

"An unexpected Journey - There is a special boind that forms between a person and their canine companions. For me that began at the tender age of 10...."

Chrissy's story about her Doberman Saski and their recent journey into IGP dogsport.

A Member of the IGP royal family visited Australia early this year.

Read the club update from Fenrir Dogsport Club.

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