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2020 WGSDCA Dogsport Magazine Edition 1

Dear WGSDCA fraternity, supporters and GSD fans,

The latest addition of WGSDCA NewsLetter for Autumn 2020, is now available on the WGSDCA website, or you can download it here.

The year 2020 has most certainly thrown us all a curve ball in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been necessary to stall training and trials for the time being, which includes the 2020 WGSDCA National Championship. We must strive to keep connected and find a way to do what we love. Working our dogs. The good news is that for our dogs training in the backyard is indifferent to them. They are happy regardless of what sort of task you are asking them to do - even a simple one like finding the ball hidden in the vegetable beds.

Nevertheless, this edition provides an update from the activities in our clubs in January and February as well as an Interview with WGSDCA Secretary Natalie Woelfel and how she got into IGP Dogsport. Once again, the WGSDCA BOM thank everybody who contributed to the content of this edition and a special thank to Lyn and Karyn for once again pulling it all together and into a snazzy looking magazine.

Happy reading. Stay safe. Stay Home. Woof!


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