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WGSDCA Trial Pre-requisites

You must hold Individual WGSDCA Membership and be a member of a WGSDCA Club.

(unless entering a ZAP-W or breed survey.More HERE)


Your dog must have a scorebook - it doesn't have to be issued by the WGSDCA.

Get one HERE


You must have a WGSDCA sportspass.

Get one HERE


You must be able to prove a prior title if entering at a level higher than BH-VT.

A dog trained in bite work outside the scope of the FCI Utility Dog Scheme (IGP Dogsport) is not eligible for WGSDCA Trial entry

Useful Links

Click here for a scorebook

Click here for a sportspass

Click here for upcoming events

Click here for Trial Entry registration

Click here for ZAP-W registration

Click here for lodging a Trial Notification

Click here for a List of Judges

Click here for a List of Trial Helpers

Download Trial Certification Template

Member Link to Trial Validation Record Template*

Click here for submission of Trial Validation Record

Click here for submission of Trial Helper Record

Click here to Helper Seminar notification

Click here for Helper Seminar Registration

Click here for Helper Workshop notification

Click here for submission of a Refund request

Member Link to for WGSDCA Appendices*

Download FCI IGP Rules

Download WGSDCA BH Booklet


*Password protected.

Click the "WGSDCA Member Portal" button in top right corner. You need to link/register your membership number to this webpage first. You will receive an email requesting confirmation of provided email. Then you can log in to the Library containing WGSDCA Appendices and the Trial Validation Record template.

Useful Links
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