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Towards the WUSV Harmonisation Plan

February 24, 2018

​​It is with great anticipation of a brighter future for the Australian German Shepherd Dog both from a breeding, as well as working, perspective, that we announce that our WGSDCA Director of Judges, Mr. Worth, has been endorsed by the GSDCA and the WUSV to attend the SV National Judge Seminar in Augsburg (Germany) March 4-7, 2018.


The SV National Special Judge Program was launched by the WUSV in 2016 to ensure satisfactory integration of the WUSV World Harmonisation Plan (link).


The SV National Judge program entails attendance at a basic seminar in Germany followed by a practical examination supervised by a SV Judge appointed by the SV/WUSV. An full application will subsequently be presented to SV Board of Directors for consideration. Should approval be granted, then an applicant will be appointed as a national Special Judge for Breeding and/or for working Trial. This entitles the judge to officiate at shows and/or working competitions in the home country for German Shepherd Dogs and the titles and certificates granted will be recognized by the representative national WUSV member organisation.


Should Mr. Worth be successful then he will be the first National SV working Judge in Australia. It goes without saying that we are extremely proud of Mr. Worth's dedication to the Australian German Shepherd Dog and we extend our gratitude to the German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia (GSDCA), the SV and the WUSV.


Please join me in wishing Mr. Reg Worth a safe travel and best of luck.




Sanne Pedersen

WGSDCA President

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