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Unprecedented IPO Part "C" Workshop Opportunity

January 21, 2018


WGSDCA is pleased to introduce our first Workshop Module, "IPO - Part C", which is a specially designed 2-day Workshop (details available here). 


This Workshop module is part of our educational  "IPO Dogsport - where do I start"  Program (click here). The workshop aims to further your understanding of what is required in the IPO Part C - whether you are a dog handler, judge, helper or spotter.


There are three phases in IPO Dogsport, Tracking, Obedience and Character Assessment work. Each of the individual exercises within the IPO Character Assessment work ("Part C") has the purpose of revealing and testing different facets of a dog's genetic temperament. The IPO Dogsport may be used as a gauge to fulfill retention of desirable traits, such as workability and sound temperament.  In many countries the IPO Dog Sport Scheme is being used as a quality control test for identification of dogs with undesirable character traits.


This unprecedented Workshop will run through 2018 and 2019 in Australia (all states but Victoria) and New Zealand and will be managed by the WGSDCA Club Affiliate, Eastside Shepherd Dogsport Group, and presented by WGSDCA Director of Helpers & Trial/Teacher helper - Mr. Jay Balakrishnan - and  WGSDCA Trial helper & Apprentice Judge, Mr. Istvan Lakatos.




The workshop is an open invitation to IPO dog handlers, groups, clubs and Helpers. WGSDCA membership subscription is not required. 


The Workshop will run in accordance to a curriculum addressing topics such as, but not limited to:

- How to develop drive and maintain it

- Grip development

- How to train for the various exercises in Part C

- Basic Trial Helper techniques and responsibilities

- Correct equipment and techniques (click here for a taster)

- Safety.


You can find more information about the Workshop Seminar here. An IPO trained dog is a confident dog with excellent control. It is a safer dog as the training teaches it specific rules and boundaries, which are displayed in a sporting framework.


The WGSDCA Board of Management is proud of its members who offer their time and expertise to come to YOU. To register your interest please send an email to Mr. Jay Balakrishnan (click here).

About the WGSDCA:

Late 2016 we commenced an Educational Program for those who wish to have a better understanding of the IPO Dog Sport, training, trialing and responsible dog ownership. The content of a seminar may be tailored to focus on a specific topic of IPO Dog Sport (click). For example it could be a theoretical seminar on judging, running an IPO trial, Rules&Regulations, IPO working titles, BH, ZAP-A, etc or a more practical seminar as the one announced above. Our instructors may bring dogs for demonstration purposes, or they may be able to convey training methods using dogs brought by seminar participants.


For further information click here or contact our Educational Liaison Officer (click here for contact).


WGSDCA - dedicated to the sport of IPO



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