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GSDCA Dogsport Working Party (GDWP)

To the wider IPO dog Community in Australia.

I hope you are aware that a Motion to put a submission to the FCI-affiliated Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) regarding participation in the sport of IPO got carried at the WUSV-affiliated German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia (GSDCA) Special General Meeting July 28, 2017. In my opinion this is of epic proportions!

I was delighted and surprised to receive an invitation to sit in on the newly formed GSDCA Dogsport Working Party which will oversee the submission to ANKC. I trust the wider IPO Dog community of Australia recognises the importance of this gesture, a gesture so positive that I sought permission to share the email with the wider IPO dogsport fraternity in Australia. So with the permission to share - please find a copy of GSDCA President, Vince Tantaro's email below.

"At first, dreams, seem impossible, then improbable, and eventually inevitable" - Mr. Reeve


Dear all, As you are aware the following motion as put at the SGM was carried by a majority vote: GSDCA Motion: Schedule 19(a) - “That the German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia (GSDCA) shall put a submission to the ANKC that any of its club affiliated members who wish to participate in the sport of IPO, may do so providing it is done with full compliance of state or territory law. It must also be noted that the meeting agreed that the proposal to be put to the ANKC will see a case to have AD, BH & IPO – all FCI titles recognised. If achieved the inclusion of these titles as gained will see them recorded as a matter of course on ANKC pedigrees! I called for nominations at the meeting and I am pleased to report that the following members have accepted our invitation to be members of the GSDCA Dogsport Working Party (GDWP): · Mr. Vince Tantaro- Chair, GSDCA President, GSDCA Breed Surveyor & Judge. · Mr. Louis Donald- WUSV CDO, SV Foreign List Judge, GSDCA Breed Surveyor & Judge. · Ms. Julie Urie- Obedience Chairperson, GSDCA & has experience in ANKC Obedience and Dogsport. · Ms. Jacinta Poole- Editor GSDCA & member of GSDCV Management Committee. · Ms. Karen Eaton- Treasurer GSDL, ANKC Tracking Judge & has experience in ANKC Obedience & Dogsport. · Mr. John Fenner- GSDCA Breed Surveyor & Judge, Full Panel ANKC Obedience Judge. · Dr. Sanne Pedersen- member GSDL & President WGSDCA- this organisation is not affiliated with ANKC however Sanne is experienced in Dogsport and her contribution will be most valued. I believe the members of the working party have the experience and skill set to ensure that our case is substantial and directed to a positive outcome that will see our first ever attempt to have these FCI accredited titles adopted by the ANKC. In order to dispel any fears the GDWP Final Draft Submission will be distributed to Member Clubs for comment prior to it being formally submitted to the ANKC for consideration and decision. Noting the intended audience, I will ask that the submission is succinct, direct and include a letter of support from the WUSV who via their contacts should also be able to provide us with a letter of support from the FCI. It is also important to note that the submission will be based on the sole principle that the Breed Councils who breeds are known to participate in BH, AD and IPO be the responsible body to control and conduct these activities under the auspices of the ANKC. Benefits participating in the sport for dog/ handler, governance, compliance and how these activities will be conducted in an environment of responsible dog ownership will be key elements of our submission. Further noting the mode by which we will communicate ( email / phone) coupled with some of us being overseas and returning mid to late September, I see the following as a credible time line ( note it may in fact be much shorter but no longer) for the submission to be forwarded to the ANKC. 3 Aug- 8 August: · Map out and agree on scope of Submission- based on discussion as held at SGM 8-15 August- · Set up sub groups to research and work on key points 22 Sept- 10 October: · Finalise draft 10- 20 October: · Member Club to review · Finalise submission 1 Nov: · Formally submit to ANKC. I look forward to chairing the GDWP and ensuring that our approach is well considered and professional and meets the task given to us by the Member Clubs. Kind Regards Vince Tantaro President German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia Inc.


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