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Cooperation Partnership with the WUSV

It is with much excitement that the WGSDCA can announce that we have signed a Cooperation Partnership with the WUSV.

What does it mean?

An Australian GSD owner who wish to breed in accordance with the WUSV Breeding Program can now do so if subscribing to membership with WGSDCA and GSDCA. Said differently, it means that WUSV will recognise qualifications attained through these two entities.

TOGETHER, these two organisations offer the portfolio of qualifications that your dog need to obtain a BASIC WUSV Breeding License. You may choose to obtain additional qualifications to go from a BASIC -> ADVANCED -> PREMIUM Breeding license.

Download PDF • 130KB

What is the WUSV Breeding Program?

In short, the Program stipulates 5 criterion that must be met for a German Shepherd to be suitable for breeding: Health, Character, Verification of parentage, performance and conformation.

The 'new' thing is the implementation of 3 'types of WUSV breeding licenses': Basic, Advanced, Premium. In short:

A GSD with a BASIC breeding license has:

  • DNA Profile on record, and;

  • HD/ED scores within the accepted range as defined by the SV and scoring done under a recognised scheme, and;

  • Conformation assessed and with a minimum rating of "good' (min age 12), and;

  • Endurance title, and;

  • ZAP-W Puppy Test (assessment at 9-12 months), and;

  • At least 3 generation listed in a pedigree

A GSD with an ADVANCED breeding license has in addition to the above:

  • At least 4 generation listed in a pedigree, and;

  • A BH, and;



A GSD with a PREMIUM breeding license has in addition to the above:

  • An IGP1 (or more), HGH, RH2 or equivalent, and;

  • A Breed Survey that includes the sleeve-work

Let's recap

At this point of time, WGSDCA caters for WUSV recognised: HD/ED Scheme (here); ZAP-W (puppy test,here); SV-ZAP; SV-Korung; IGP-ZTP, IGP1; Endurance testing.

Conformation titles must be obtained through GSDCA.

With a WGSDCA Social membership (AUD20.00 per annum), you can access the HD/ED Scheme and ZAP-W events.

To access WGSDCA Performance Trials you need to subscribe to Full Individual WGSDCA membership (AUD55.00 per annum) as well as a member of one of our Clubs. Contact our office for more information:

Lastly, for the IGP enthusiasts

The Collaboration Contract also means that the WGSDCA National Championship is formally recognised as the qualification event for WUSV World Championships and that we can send a team. More to follow....

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