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Equipment used at the 2021 WGSDCA National Championship:

Get The Essentials For Success:

  • Redline K9 EURO Rubber Ball

    One can never have too many balls. These are of the best quality and very durable. Comes in three sizes: 20-, 25- and 30cm circumference. 

    Here for more.

  • Redline K9 Bite Cushion

    A must have for teaching the young dogs how to target and to build the grip. The cushion is also a perfect tool for teaching the send out.  Here for more

  • Redline Mini Blind

    Perfect for puppies and starting those tricky IGP blind search exercise. The hide is about 120cm.

    Here for more.

  • 10m Lightweight Tracking line

    It will not stretch or break. The Syntek 10m line (1cm wide) is perfect for tracking. Made from a material that looks and feel like leather, but stronger and lighter.

    Here for more

  • Redline K9 EURO Magnet Ball

    Struggle with getting that ball out of the pocket quick enough to enabling quick reward? Then this is what you need. Ideal for teaching engagement. 

    Here for more.

  • RedLine K9 Leather Bottcher Harness

    The beauty of simplicity. The Bottcher harness dates back to the 1920s and is the harness to use to teach your dog a deep search. Made in high-quality leather.

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  • RedLine K9 Leather Leashes

    Comes with that feeling of 'broken in leather'. Old world craftsmanship and attention to details.This will become your favorite leash.

    Here for more

  • RedLine K9 Puppy Bite Sleeve

    Great for starting puppies in IGP. A very light and durable forearm sleeve which has it all: a handle on the inside, a nylon tab to attach a line and a handle on the outside for tugging. Here for more

  • Tugs, oh so pretty (whilst new at least)

    RedLine K9 Karl Tugs 22x15x5cm. A two-handle tug which gives the handler great control of the toy and large enough for a even the hardest playing dogs

    Here for more

  • RedLine K9 Fuzz-It Puppy Toy

    Your dog will go crazy over this one. Real medical grade sheepskin and 2 strong rope handles to hold on tight. Super to build drive in your puppy/young dog

    Here for more

  • RedLine K9 Flirt Pole w/Leather Bite Rag

    Great way to start training drive. Your dog will love it as the flexible rubber handle makes the rag move really fast. The leather rag is 42cm long.The cord is super strong. A must!. More here

  • Collars - too many to show here.... but

    K9Pro has a large range of collars, check out their website: An absolute must is the tactical deployment collar which is felt lined.

    Here for more

  • Redline K9 EVO IGP Sleeve

    The EVO IGP sleeve is easier to control than other sleeves due to its lightweight and design. Exclusively used in the Canadian GSSCC Championships.

    Here for more

  • Redline K9 Helper Outfit

    Designed for Helpers by Helpers. You may buy the jacket and pants as a set or separately. The Jacket is handmade and has a removable and interchangable arm. Here for more

  • RedLine K9 Portable IGP Jump

    This jump is fully adjustable. You lower the height as you start the exercise and work your way up to the full height of 1m. A fancy carrying case is included!

    Here for more

  • Redline K9 IGP Blinds

    Durable and robust. The material is a high quality UV resistant PVC which is stitched with heavy duty commercial stitching. The blind collapses for storage
    Here for more.

  • RedLine K9 IGP Dumbbells

    Available as a set or individually. 650g (used in IGP1-3), 1kg (used in IGP2) and 2kg (used in IGP3). Coated in non-toxic wax to keep them cracking during the change of seasons. Here for more

  • RedLine K9 Dumbbell Stand

    Lightweight Aluminium Stand which folds for easy transport. Rear bracket features a sharpened pin allowing it to be set in unstable or soft ground.

  • Tracking Flags

    A bundle of six VERY VERY bright red/orange flags.You will never loose sight of your track again.

    Here for more

  • RedLine K9 Tracking Articles

    One can never have too many tracking articles.

    Not 3, but FIVE assorted tracking articles per set. These articles meet the IGP specifications.

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