Helper Program

The WGSDCA Helper Seminars

  1. The purpose of the WGSDCA Helper Program is to educate helpers and increase the number of Trial Helpers who can correctly and safely execute the Part C Exercises performed at WGSDCA Working Trial Events.

  2. The WGSDCA Helper seminars will include topics such as, but not limited to, appropriate testing of dogs in Trial events; safety, and being in control and selflessness by a Trial Helper; development of understanding the temperament and drives of the dogs being assessed at a Trial event; and the importance of the Helper’s role in assisting the Judge to evaluate the dogs entered in an event.

  3. WGSDCA Helper Seminars shall be sanctioned events by the WGSDCA BOM, hosted by a WGSDCA Club Affiliate and are only open to individuals subscribing to individual WGSDCA membership.

  4. Helper Seminars are presided over by a Teaching Helper(s) and may also involve an international Guest Trial Teaching Helper, subject to BOM approval.

  5. Each Helper Seminar participant should organise a dog for use during the Seminar. The hosting Club should not be expected to provide a suitable number of dogs for a Helper Seminar.

  6. A Participation Certificate including name, affiliation, date, hosting Club and signed by Teacher Helper must be provided to all participants. To sign up for a Helper License Evaluation, one must have attended at least 3 WGSDCA Helper Seminars.

  7. The Helper Seminars are different from WGSDCA Helper Workshops.

  8. For further information please contact Director of Helpers on

The WGSDCA Helper Licensing | Helper Evaluation Test

  1. Helper Evaluations serve as a vital instrument to meet the objectives of the IGP Trial Helper Curriculum. Helper Evaluation Tests assess a Helper's attainment, or lack thereof, of the skills necessary to correctly and safely perform the sleeve-work at WGSDCA working trials.

  2. The Evaluation Test is part of the education process. It tests the helpers and provide them with an opportunity to receive constructive comments about their performance during simulated trial conditions.

  3. To host a Helper Evaluation, a WGSDCA Club Affiliate must submit a Notification Authorization request to the BOM.

  4. Helper Evaluation Tests are presided over by a WGSDCA recognised judge and/or Teaching Helper.

  5. Helper Evaluation Tests are open to individuals fulfilling the following pre-requisites:

    1. Subscribe to individual WGSDCA membership and a member of a WGSDCA Club Affiliate;

    2. Minimum age of 18 years;

    3. Provide a General Health certificate from a GP, and;

    4. Provide proof of attending at least 3 WGSDCA Helper Seminars.

  6. The Helper Evaluation Test includes evaluation of an IGP1 and IGP3 Phase C routine as well as passing a written test.

  7. A participant who successfully passes the written test and attains the sufficient gradings from the practical assessment is eligible to apply for a WGSDCA Trial Helper License by way of submitting a helper license application by means of submitting the form below. Please note that the following documents need to be completed and uploaded via the online form as well:

    1. WGSDCA Helper Waiver (here)

    2. Application WGSDCA Trial Helper Certification (here)

Licensed WGSDCA Trial & Teacher Helpers

Shane Asanuma
Director of Helpers
Jay Balakrishnan
Trial & Teacher Helper
Chris Loverseed
Trial Helper
Matthew Pitt
Trial Helper (located in UK)
John Daniel
Trial & Teacher Helper
Istvan Lakatos
Trial & Teacher Helper
Conor Macquire
Trial Helper
Jason Pye
Trial & Teacher Helper
Cole Little
Trial Helper
Steve Cole
Trial Helper
Mark Gomersall
Trial & Teacher Helper
Paul Andryc
Trial Helper
Clint Wehmeier
Trial Helper