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The HD-ED Scoring Portal to Germany

The HD-ED Portal
Is an opportunity to get GSD hip and elbow x-rays examined and scored by DZG located in Germany. The Portal is open for any GSD of at least 12 months of age and whom is own by a person who subscribes to WGSDCA Social membership (link HERE) or Individual membership (link HERE).


To provide an alternative and independent option for hip and elbow x-ray examination and scoring.

To support GSD owners who wish to align with the WUSV Breed Program (Download here). You must use an accredited Australian Foreign Veterinary Radiologist (more information HERE) if you intend to use the HD-ED result as part of the WUSV Breed Program as this program requires two different flexed ML projections for each elbow joint (more information HERE).

DZG provides HD-ED scoring services to many umbrella organisations, incl. WUSV
The Dysplasia Zentre Gießen, DZG, is an independent institute dedicated to diagnostic imaging of skeletal dysplasia in small animal, including hip dysplasia (HD) and elbow dysplasia (ED). (website here)

The hip and elbow scoring specialists are all accredited members of GRSK e.V. whom is the German equivalent to the Radiology Chapter of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists (ANZCVS,


Click HERE for more information about the DZG HD/ED Expert Panel.

The DZG will score x-rays as standard practice for SV & WUSV

Which Vet?
You may choose any Australian vet who you trust has the expertise to provide good quality of x-ray images.
or  you may choose to use an Australian Foreign Veterinary Radiologist (HERE).

What's an Australian accredited Foreign Veterinary Radiologist (FVR)?
An accredited Foreign Veterinary Radiologist (FVR) has successfully passed the x-ray image quality Scheme developed by the DZG and recognised by the WUSV.  A FVR will take two different projections of the elbows to give the best information about the shape and structure of the elbows (more info HERE).

You can recommend the FVR Accreditation Scheme to your vet (more info HERE).

WUSV recommends 2 x-ray projections for each elbow joint

What is common practice for hip and elbow x-rays?
Most countries with a mainstream HD-ED screening program (e.g. Australia) only request one type of flexed ML view.

WUSV recommends two elbow projections to safeguard against misinterpretations of changes at the medial coronoid process.

How do HD-ED scores across various mainstream Schemes compare?

The table below provides a ROUGH comparison of HD scores. Source HERE
Note: DZG advises that hip joint with 8 in the UK/NZ/AU Scheme will be at at least a "C" in the FCI Scheme.


Screen Shot 2021-08-08 at 2.37.24 pm.png

The table below provides a ROUGH comparison of ED scores. Sources: here & here

Screen Shot 2021-08-10 at 9.14.49 am.png

The vast majority of various national/international elbow dysplasia screening programs are based on the protocol of the International Elbow Working Group (IEWG, here). Dr. Tellhelm is on the IEWG Board. The protocol includes a mandatory mediolateral (ML) flexed projection of each elbow joint. IEWG recommends an additional ML flexed projection (about 40° and 100°) and a cranio-caudal oblique (15°) view.

Step-by-Step | For GSD Owners


  • You must subscribe to a WGSDCA membership.

  • Your dog ≥12 months of age and identifiable via the microchip number indicated on its Pedigree.

  • The elected veterinarian must have a veterinary practitioners board license. More info here.

Step 1     Purchase the DZG Hip&Elbow Score form (AUD75.00 HERE)
If you want the lumbosacral junction (OCD @ L7:os) assessed as well, then please indicate that in the referenced form. (Additional fee, AUD60.00)
We will email an electronic copy of the HD/ED Form(s). The onus is on you to ensure that the animal comply with the specified details and the correctness of these on the Form(s). Fees are non-refundable.

Print the Form(s)

Step 2     Book an appointment with your elected veterinarian - bring the printed HD/ED Form(s) for vet to
provide their details in the "Vet Information Field" and to verify identity of the dog. The vet must sign the Form(s) and return to you.

Request a copy of the electronic x-rays (DICOM format only - so make sure the clinic is capable to provide such format) if you have elected to use a vet who are not a DZG accredited FVR. This is not necessary if a FVR does the x-rays as they have a direct account with DZG in Germany.

If DZG deems the x-rays to be of poor quality, then these must be repeated at the owner's expense. This is unlikely to eventuate if you use a FVR.
Step 3     Make a high-resolution scan of the Form(s) and return to us (HERE).
We will forward the completed Form(s) to DZG. If you elected a 'non-FVR' vet, then you must also upload the DICOM files.

Step 4     DZG scores the x-rays and the results will be returned to you via WGSDCA.
Results will be recorded in the WGSDCA HD/ED database.

xray example.jpg

Australian Foreign Veterinary Radiologists

Screen Shot 2021-02-13 at 10.27.01

Dr. Blackwell


03 6362 2108


Dr. McKean


02 6921 3462


Dr. Skilling



07 4928 2593

Not close enough?

Your Vet Here?

Invite your Vet to participate

Step-by-Step (GSD owners)
What is a FVR?
Which vet?
Who is scoring
HD/ED Scheme comparisons
Purchase HD-ED Fom(s)
Return HD-ED Form(s)
Find a FVR

For Veterinarians


Get a copy of the DZG Veterinarian Invitation Letter HERE.


The German HD-ED Expert Panel at DZG (more info HERE) is providing HD/ED assessment to a wide range of canine organisations including the World Union of German Shepherds (WUSV, webpage HERE) and several country members of the Federation Cynologique Internale [FCI, webpage HERE] who is the dominating purebreed pedigree provider across the world.

Participation Criteria For Veterinary Practices, Clinics, Hospitals

  • Must have a Veterinary Board Registration Number.

  • Must be able to generate x-rays in DICOM format.  No other formats will be accepted by the DZG.


Registration & Accreditation Process

Step 1     Register HERE For Initial Assessment Of X-ray Quality Produced By Your Clinic

Hip and Elbow x-rays from 3 German Shepherds are needed.

You may use x-rays already on file. X-ray quality will be assessed by DZG.


On receipt of Registration (AUD325.00), you will receive the details to set up an electronic account via ("The Portal"). You submit the 3 sets of x-rays via this account.

A refund of AUD250 will be forthcoming in the event of DZG deeming insufficient image quality. 


Step 2     Purchase the five modules from the DZG (HERE). (AUD325.00)

You will receive a password directly from DZG to access their material which describes the technical requirements as well as the basics of their HD-ED Screening Program as undertaken in Germany.

Notify us when you are ready for the MCQ exam. (online and can be done at your convenience).

Step 3     Accreditation Certificate & issue of DZG license number

An Accreditation  Certificate will be provided if passing the MCQ exam. You will be issued with a DZG License number which enables you to submit digital x-rays (DICOM format only) directly via your myVetXL account and on the provision that you have verified the identity of the dog by means of signing a HD/ED Form presented to you by a GSD Owner (more info HERE).

Your  license will be reviewed on a 4-year basis (no additional fee). 

Info for Vets
Vet Registration
Vet Accrediation
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