In 2016, the WUSV members unanimously agreed to implement a global WUSV Harmonisation Program (WHP), which included a Breed Matrix Scheme following 5 quality criterions (listed in hierarchical order): Health, Character, Verification of Parentage, Performance in Working Trial and Exterior.

In Australia, there is an unmet need for those who are dedicated to breed, train and trial German Shepherd Dogs as defined by the WUSV and SV Statutes. WGSDCA is dedicated to lead by an example and catering for these unmet needs to the greatest extent possible.


You can submit Hip/Elbow x-rays through an Australian Veterinarian who has undertaken the process to become a certified Foreign Radiologist. The x-rays will be reviewed and scored by the German HD-ED Expert Panel located at DZG G.eV and whose services  are also used by  SV and WUSV.


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For GSD Owners

The Following Criteria Must be Met for Submission of HD-ED xrays for Scoring in Germany:
  • Domiciled in Australia or New Zealand
  • WGSDCA membership, either as a Full Member (More here) or as a Social Member (More here).
  • X-raying MUST be done by a licensed Foreign Veterinary Radiologist (FVR) only (More here).
    • You may speak to your own vet and get him/her to enroll in the program (More here). 
  • Your dog must be a purebred German Shepherd Dog registered under a WUSV or FCI recognised body, at least 12 month of age and identifiable via the microchip and/or tattoo number indicated on the Pedigree Registration Certificate.
Get a HD-ED Score Sheet (here) - Make sure you meet the criteria above.
  • The onus is on the person applying for a HD-ED Score Form to ensure that the animal and the provided details comply with the requirements to participate in the scheme (see above). Fees are non-refundable in the event you dog does not meet the above criteria when verified by the selected FVR.
  • Note: The form cannot be transferred to another animal | X-rays generated by a non-FVR are not eligible for HD-ED Scoring in Germany.
Submission of digital radiographs (x-rays) to Germany
Once the animal has been x-rayed, the licensed FVR will:
  • Complete and sign your HD-ED Score Sheet and return it to you;
  • Submit the x-rays to the German HD-ED Portal.
  • Subsequent to your visit to the FVR, you must send WGSDCA an electronic copy of the signed/completed HD-ED Score Sheet as this will trigger a HD-ED Expert Panel notification.
Receipt of HD-ED Results
  • The German HD-ED Expert Panel will capture their assessment and final HD-ED score on the HD-ED Score Sheet which will then return to WGSDCA and then forwarded to you.

Find an Australian Foreign Radiologist Veterinarian

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Dr. Blackwell


03 6362 2108

23 Beefeater St, Deloraine, TAS 7303

Not close enough?

Your Vet Here?

Invite your Vet to participate

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Dr. McKean


02 6921 3462

3 Moorong St, Wagga Wagga, NSW 2650

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Dr. Skilling



07 4928 2593

339 Dean Street, Rockhampton, QLD 4701

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For Veterinarians

Participation Criteria For Veterinary Practices, Clinics, Hospitals:
  • The Veterinarian holds a Veterinary Board Registration Number.
  • The veterinary practice, clinic, hospital must be able to generated digital hip and elbow radiographs in DICOM format. No other formats will be accepted by the DZG.
  • Get a copy of the Veterinarian Invitation Letter here.
Register For Initial Assessment (Image Quality) | Service provided by DZG HD/ED Expert Panel:
  • Complete and submit the online form available here (AUD325.00).
  • On receipt of payment, the WGSDCA will provide the details for the registration of an account on the HD-ED portal system used in Germany, where after you upload digital hip and elbow radiographs for three (3) German Shepherd Dogs. You may use x-rays images already on file.
  • The HD-ED Expert Panel in Germany will assess the quality of the submitted images, and if deemed in order, then you are eligible to enroll in the full Program to become a certified Foreign Veterinary Radiologist for the German HD-ED Expert Panel who governs the WUSV and SV HD/ED Screening Program - see below.
  • Should the submitted images fail the quality requirements as stipulated by the HD-ED Expert Panel, then you are entitled for a refund of AUD250.00. This will be administrated by WGSDCA.
Enrollment & Certification as a Foreign Veterinary Radiologist:
  • Enroll into the Program using the Form available here (AUD325.00).
  • The Certification Process entails a webinar and examination in the material provided.
  • The HD-ED Expert panel may request you to submit additional x-rays for further quality assessment.
  • On receipt of payment, the DZG will provide you with a password for material download. The material covers the technical requirements and the basics of the HD-ED Screening Program as undertaken in Germany.
  • The DZG runs MCQ examinations frequently - and you are free to choose one that fits your schedule. 
  • A Foreign HD-ED Radiologist Certificate will be issued if passing the initial assessment and subsequent examination.
  • You are now licensed to submit digital HD-ED radiographs for German Shepherd Dogs residing in Australasia on the provision that the owners of such GSDs present with the appropriate paperwork as dictated by the HD-ED Expert Panel in Germany and administrated through the WGSDCA.
  • The Foreign Radiologist license is valid for 4 years, whereafter the HD/ED Expert Panel will review your portfolio. Your license will be renewed for another 4 years if no concerns are flagged. (no fee)
How does the Hip Scores compare between various Schemes?
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