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Scorebooks & Sportspasses



  • Place your book order well in advance. We are only making books the last Sunday of each month. Expect 6 weeks turn-over.

  • Note we need different information subject to whether a dog has a pedigree certificate or not.

  • Only the owner of a dog can apply for a scorebook. If you are not the owner then a written permission from the owner needs to be submitted as well.

  • You must subscribe to WGSDCA membership to purchase a WGSDCA scorebook and/or sportspass

  • A Scorebook is mandatory for WGSDCA Trial Participation (except for ZAP-W assessments).

  • A dog can only have ONE scorebook. WGSDCA accepts scorebooks issued by other entities.

  • A Sportspass is mandatory for all dog handlers participating in WGSDCA Trials.


Book fees increased to AUD35.00 as per WGSDCA AGM 2022.

Which book are you after?

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Scorebook: if you don't own the dog, then you also need a written permission from the owner

New books

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WGSDCA Sportspass Order

Fee: AUD35.00


WGSDCA Scorebook Order

Fee: AUD35.00



Dog has a Pedigree Certificate?
Upload Copy of Pedigree
Are you the listed owner on the Pedigree Certificate?
Upload Proof of ownership
Upload owner permission for a scorebook
Upload Photo of Dog's Head
Upload Photo of LEFT side profie
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