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WGSDCA Secretariat.

Constitution & By-Laws

  • Constitution

  • By-Laws

WGSDCA Procedures

  • Helper Program

  • Judging Program

  • Director of Helpers Mandate

  • National & State Trials

  • Tracklayer Program

  • WUSV WM Participation guidelines

  • Breed Survey Program

  • Dog Aggression

WGSDCA Form Library

  • Application for WGSDCA Affiliated Club Membership

  • Application for Trial Helper Certification

  • Application for Individual WGSDCA Membership

  • Application for a WGSDCA Scorebook

  • Application for a WGSDCA Sportpass

  • Expense Reimbursement Form

  • WGSDCA Funds Request

  • Application for a Helper Passport

  • WGSDCA & Affiliated Club Helper Waiver Form

  • FCI IPO Trial Rules

  • BH Judges Sheet

  • FH1 7 FH2 Judges Sheet

  • IPO1 Judges Sheet

  • IPO2 Judges Sheet

  • IPO3 Judges Sheet

  • WGSDCA Logo

  • Notification of Trial

  • Official Trial Entry Form

  • WGSDCA Trial Certificate

  • General guide for Holding a WGSDCA Trial

  • WGSDCA Trial Validation Summary Cover Sheet

  • Unregistered Dog Application for a Scorebook

WGSDCA Health & Safety Policies

  • WGSDCA Member Club Induction Book

  • A guide for WGSDCA Affiliate Clubs on Structuring Inductions for New Members in Health & Safety

  • Safe Work Method Statement: Helper work

  • Safe Work Method Statement: Obedience, Drive Building

  • Member Induction Record Sheet

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