WGSDCA Club Affiliations
Full Club, Subsidiary Club, Kindred Body

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**Download a copy of this template to enable you to submit a committee list for the new club**
Important Notes:
  1. *A new WGSDCA Club Affiliation comprises a 3-year probation period but the Club and its members are entitled to all privileges of the WGSDCA except for voting rights and WGSDCA Office Bearer nominations.
  2. Annual Club Subscription fee is AUD580.00 per annum (or as prescribed by the WGSDCA from time to time). If you apply for Club affiliation in the period January 1st to June 30th of any given year, then the application fee is one-half of the prescribed annual fee for that given year only
  3. All Member Clugs must renew their WGSDCA Club Subscription annually on July 1st. 
  4. All Member Clubs are bound by the Objects, Rules and Regulations of WGSDCA Inc.
  5. A WGSDCA Club must not subscribe to membership of another IGP-type organisation in Australia.
  6. All club members must also subscribe to individual WGSDCA membership. Download your form here and submit to your Club Secretary
Perhaps a Subsidiary Club Affiliation is the best fit for your club?
Subsidiary Club Affiliation may be of interest if your training group needs to keep cost down. You apply for this through one of the WGSDCA Executive Clubs. Clubs subscribing to WGSDCA Subsidiary Club Membership may apply for Executive Club Status after 5 years. Subscription fees are on the discretion of the WGSDCA Executive Club. Please contact us for further details: click here
Or Kindred Club Subscription?
A kindred Club Subscription are for Clubs/Groups who are independent entities who may or may not be affiliated with another IGP-like organisations in Australia and whose members wish to partake in WGSDCA IGP trials. Such Club is eligible for Kindred Membership Subscription (annual fee; AUD580.00) if its is a registered incorporation in Australia and operates under a Public Liability Insurance. Any members of a Kindred Club and who wish to partake in WGSDCA IGP trials must also subscribe to WGSDCA Social Membership.