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Entry Deadline: May 5th

June 8-12

McDonald's Park Exhibition Centre
150 Copland St, East Wagga Wagga

Event Sponsor
K9Pro & RedLine


Entry Information

Entry Fees

  • Single  phase levels, $50. All other levels, $60.

IGP Entry Specifications

  • Dogs trained/titles in sleeve-work outside of the IGP dogsport cannot participate.

  • Dog handlers must subscribe to WGSDCA Individual Membership and be member of an affiliated WGSDCA

  • For IGP entries, dogs must have been HD/ED assessed. If that's not the case, or scores are not within the acceptance range of the service provider, then a veterinary fit-for-purpose statement is required.

  • First-time handlers must pass a written test provided at the event.

  • Dogs cannot enter a level lower than their current title level as per FCI rules for ranking events.

  • IGP3 Entries: Open only for German Shepherds with an IGP3 title awarded under the WGSDCA.

  • Team Australia 2023: The team will be assembled from the IGP3 competitors and subject to such the dog/handler meeting the 2023 WUSV World Championship participation criteria.


SV Breed Survey ("Körung")

Open for German Shepherds only and who meet the following criteria:

  • Min. age: 2 years

  • Recognised pedigree

  • HD/ED scores within the range deemed normal by the service provider. (From 01.01.25 the Scheme has to be WUSV recognised).

  • Must have an Endurance title, an IGP1/IPO1 with at least 80 points in C and a show grading of at least "good"

  • Dogs born from 01.01.2022 must have passed a ZAP-W (obviously not applicable this year)

Have a question?

Flick us an email ( or contact the event coordinator, Anna Jones:

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